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Sworn Financial Advisory Services;

Make full certification businesses counted examined Tax Audit personnel of the Ministry of Finance. Thus, Law No. 3568 on No. 18 series are not subject to inspection in accordance with Regulation. However, in case of denunciation or similar analysis can be a special reason not to.

Companies regulated in the contract in case of approval of the full time without any limit, KDV refund can obtain with CPA certification report.

If done full certification examination opposing demands from other companies it is paid by chartered accountants. So make full certification examination that taxpayers are released from liability opponents.

Incorrect application that may arise during an inspection can be carried out by the Ministry of full certification services significantly decreased. In addition, approval of the notice and will not investigate reports organized by the company except for special cases, the firms that make ratification a priority as was stated by the Ministry of Finance will be examined.

Our services offered under the CPA;

  • Full Compliance Services (Approval of the annual corporate or income tax return and attachments)
  • Value Added Tax Refund Services
  • Corporate and Income Tax Exemptions and Exclusions Regarding Certification Services
  • Spending on R & D Projects Evaluation and Certification Process
  • Detection Services that paid the Capital
  • Recognition of Tax-Exempt Foundations Related to Compliance Services